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"Papa Russ, Good Win..." What's wrong with that?

As a single mother, I think the hardest thing about dating is finding someone who will show genuine interest in your child and treat them as though that child is their own. That’s exactly what Ciara and her son have found in Russell Wilson. Since very early in the relationship, Russell Wilson has taken an exceptional interest in the son that Ciara has with rapper, Future. There has been media and social hype about whether this relationship is an overstep of some boundary that should be respected, as Russell isn’t the boy’s biological father.

But isn’t Ciara and her child a package deal?!

Mom Responsible

Single mothers are responsible and accountable to make sure that whomever they are dating is not only in their best interest but also in the best interest of their child. Who wants to be with a man who treats your child like a bother, yet wants to bring his own children into the world with you?

This week Russell Wilson posted a picture on his IG of himself, Ciara, Baby Future and Baby Russell, with the caption that read, “When he says, Papa Russ, Good Win!” To me this picture was a scene out of fairy tale love story. The one where everyone wins because love wins. The fairy tale loves story of the once single mother who has found true love and married a man who adores her, the child she had in a previous relationship and his child the same. The fairy tale love story where a boy who’s biological father is a p.o.s. now has a male role model to look up to and not only to just look up to but will raise him to be a respectful young man. This upstanding man (Russell) chose the package deal and embraced it. So what’s wrong with this picture? Why do people believe that Ciara is forcing this child to call Russell, Papa Russ? Why do people think its disrespectful to his father? Are ya’ll really that crazy?!

What can I call him?

I can recall my youngest daughter asking my boyfriend and me what she can call him when we get married. My initial thought was, “Little girl why are you even thinking about it?” Then Father’s day would roll around and they wanted to give him a Father’s Day card though he isn’t there father. Children have an innate ability to recognize a good man and they want to honor that. Baby Future calling Russell, Papa Russ is no different. It is a sign of respect and endearment. A sign that says, I recognize that you are a significant male presence in my life and I respect, honor you and love you enough to call you by a term that you have shown yourself worthy of being.

To most, the Wilson story may be a fairy tale, but for this family its real love in real life. You can have what they have too, if you stop judging, being bitter, open our hearts and minds to love and let love win.

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