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Tiffany Michelle, MPA is courageous, bold and intelligent.  She balances being a mother of 5 children, employed in Corporate America, continuing education and being an entrepreneur. She owns or co-owns several businesses; The Hair District, Fashion Forward Cincy and her lifestyle brand, TiffanyMichelle Speaks.


Sometimes perceived as having it all together, Tiffany Michelle is far from perfect.  She is always on a journey to becoming a better version of herself each day. Her story is one of strength, resilience, courage and restoration that spans well over 10 years and even looks promisingly into her future. She would discredit God to contain it to the past when He is still allowing her life to unfold to a brighter future.


Like many victims of domestic violence, Tiffany Michelle had a misconception of what “Love” looked like.  She was beaten, humiliated, put down and experienced great pain at the hand of the one who should have loved her most.  Gladly, that is not where her story ends!  She is the true definition of an overcomer and used her pain to discover that joy isn’t a temporal emotion or feeling, but a choice to see the good, experience the good, and be the best person you can be.


 One of the most important things for Tiffany Michelle is to instill into her children and others that there is no such thing as ‘can’t.’ If she can do it so can they. If she can achieve it, so can they. If she can endure it, so can they.  NO EXCUSES! We all have a life to live. You make the best of where you are with what you have until you make it! 

Tiffany accepted her call to ministry at the age of 14. There was an unrelenting anointing that has been on her life since birth. Although, she did not preach her first sermon until 2009, she served in the church as a praise and worship leader and whatever else she could find her hands to do.  Tiffany Michelle has travelled the United States preaching the gospel and has also been featured on national television networks such as The Word Network.  Tiffany understands that her assignment is not one dimensional, she is a serial entrepreneur and has worked with various non-profit organizations. She is a graduate of Capella University, where she was award her Masters in Arts in Public Administration. 

Having worked in the legal industry and successfully managed community-based reform efforts in the non-profit industry, Tiffany Michelle has created a reputation as a powerful advocate for equity and racial justice. Her advocacy for the issues for which she advocates is grounded in my personal experiences. Her passion and life's purpose for this work can't be replicated.

Today, Tiffany Michelle serves as the first Chief Equity and Implementation Officer for the City of Lexington charged with building out and implementing the recommendations on the Mayor's new Commission on Race, Justice and Equality. Prior to this, she advocated for equity through a lens of racial and social justice at the Center for Social Justice at the Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio. As a social justice advocate, I believe that it is imperative for community-based reformers and institutional policy makers to work together to achieve sustainable and meaningful solutions.

A true consensus builder and passionate connection maker, she has a talent for communicating to multiple stakeholders and helping synthesize multiple perspectives to come up with a shared vision and set of goals. My dedication to public service and advocacy, as well as my gift for telling the story and narrative of my experience and life’s work in a connected, authentic way that resonates with audiences, is fueled by my own trials and triumphs and the countless stories of people who continue to be unfairly met with systemic barriers.


Having overcome her fears and learned that she had the power to create change in her life; Tiffany Michelle is blazing new trails. Go-getter, determined businesswoman, radio personality, motivator, coach, mentor, speaker, trainer and soon to be published author are just a few of the things on that list. She opens up and candidly discusses her first-hand experience with domestic violence, divorce, single-parenting and more in her first book titled Overcomer; set to release January 2022. 

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